Awesome Google Adsense


Awesome Google Adsense is a free plugin that automatically insert Google Adsense ads into your Posts, Pages and Sidebar. You’ll never need to copy and paste codes again, let Awesome Google Adsense plugin do the hard job for you.

It’s fully compatible with widgets, multi-lingual wordpress standards and iPad themes.

You say when, where and how you want to show your Adsense ads and Awesome Google Adsense do it. It’s that simple.

We encourage you to give a try to Awesome Google Adsense.

Don’t forget to pay us a beer, set up the donation settings.



  • Awesome Google Adsense complies with Google Adsense policies.
  • Customize colors, quantity, size, placement and type of the Adsense ads.
  • Display Google Adsense ads in your blog automatically .
  • Generate revenue with Google Adsense ads.
  • The setup screen is Awesome.
  • iPad themes compatible.
  • Multi-lingual compatible.
  • Widget system compatible.
  • WordPress standards.
  • Remember, you’ll never need to copy and paste codes again.




  1. Upload the folder awesome-google-adsense 'to folder / wp-content/plugins / `
  2. Activate the plugin Awesome Google Adsense through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the administration page of your WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin through the menu ‘Settings’


  1. Do I need to copy and paste codes?
    No, you don’t need to copy and paste codes to show your Google Adsense and Chitika ads.
  2. Is it hard to setup the Awesome Ads plugin?
    No, it’s very simple to set it up. Just a few seconds and it shows your Adsense and Chitika ads like magic.
  3. Can I choose the type and placement of ad unit to be displayed?
    Yes, you customize easily to match your blog’s look and feel.
  4. Does it complies with Google Adsense and Chitika policies?
    Yes, it complies with Google Adsense and Chitika policies.